Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay? What is the process?

Its easy!  Let us know what package you need to reserve your beef.   Upon delivery to harvest facility we will bill you based off of "hanging weight" times a market price.  You would then be responsible for the processing with the locker and pick up.  Payment to Felt Farms is required before pick up! 

When can I expect to get my meat?

Cattle will be ready for processing in the Fall of 2018.  

How much beef does a typical family eat in a year?

Quanity varies between consumer!  But try this equation below to get a starting point.


My family usually eats ____ meals a week with 1 pound of beef


52 weeks a year


My family eats _____ pound of beef per year.

Why should I buy my meat from your farm?

To us this isn’t a competition but instead our way of life.  Our family has a passion for the agriculture industry and truly believes we are offering the best product for consumers.  We invite you to experience Iowa agriculture in a positive way by getting your beef local.  We consider our beef quality to be some of the best…ok maybe we are a little biased!   But we can also offer you our expertise when it comes to buying and preparing meat.  Suggesting cuts your family will enjoy or the best recipes to use when cooking with our beef are things we love to do!  Iowa is blessed to be known for the cattle producers that raise and sell beef on its land, we are happy to be part of that group!

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